Our priorities are beauty and individualism, that's why we choose wood! We build floors, taking care of every detail.

We are a family business, which for many years has been producing and selling products made from wood. The main domain of this company is the production of wooden floors. Cityfloor’s floors are our flagship and at the same time a prestige product. With the gained experience we have placed into our offer special series of wooden floors, which we called Cityfloor Old Town.


The name of the company was created when we realized that the design, which became our passion, is with the person in almost every moment of their life. Life, which most intensively evolves in larger cities which, as many interior creators agree upon, are an inspiration. The definition of Citydesign embraces as many elements as there are cities all over the world. We named our products after our favorite places.

Our Offer

The most important traits which make our floors stand out are:
– their unbelivable character, which is caused by the work of human hands,
– their originality, which is possible by customizing them to the client’s individual preferences,
– their timeless design, which will never be out of fashion and will compliment every interior style in harmony,
– their durability, which we receive by using the newest technology in wood protection.


Every board – begining with brushing, continuing with planing and finishing with oiling – is made by the hands of people with invaluable experience and engagement. We create floors by taking care of every element which is composed into it. The whole process is supervised from the fundementals, where the smallest pieces of wood are examined, from which Cityfloor’s floors will be made of. Our technology experts, while holding every piece of wood in their hands, soliticitously take care about it’s unique style, remembering to keep the highest quality. What we’re driven by is passion, which we can impart in our clients.


Besides quality, the most important value, for us, is individualism. That is why our floors, we create as professionals, who take into consideration the individual approach to our clients.
The wood coating, which we use, was developed from natural oils and waxes: sunflower, flaxen, soy and safflower oil also carnauba and kandelila wax.
The true colors might slightly differ from the ones which are presented in the photographs on the Cityfloor section. That is why we’re inviting you to come to our headquarters in Warsaw’s Mokotow district.
All of the floors are available in different sizes, to every one of them we offer assembly, tailoring staircases and baseboards which come in many designs to choose from.

To find out more about our floors please contact us thru the contact form or via e-mail: karolina@citydesign.pl